CodezBank: Your Code Snippet Organizer

CodezBank is a lightweight application designed to simplify the organization and retrieval of your invaluable source code snippets. With a user-friendly interface and basic search functionality, this tool allows you to efficiently manage and access your coding tricks and techniques. Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of rummaging through books and files every time you need a code reference. CodezBank is here to streamline your coding workflow.

Features at a Glance

Folders View

The Folders view provides an organized hierarchical structure for categorizing your code snippets. Create folders and subfolders to group related code, making it easy to locate specific snippets when you need them.

Snippet View

In the Snippet view, you can copy and paste code snippets into or from the application using the clipboard. This straightforward process ensures that you can quickly add or extract code, making it a valuable tool for managing your code repository.

Black Office Skin with New Skinned CListView

CodezBank boasts an aesthetically pleasing Black Office Skin that enhances your coding experience. The addition of a skinned CListView enhances the overall look and feel of the application, providing a polished and modern appearance.

Office 2003 Skin with Skinned Splitter

For users who prefer a more classic look, CodezBank offers an Office 2003 skin with a skinned splitter. This option allows you to choose the interface that best suits your preferences, ensuring a comfortable and customizable user experience.

The Need for Code Organization

Every developer knows the struggle of digging through books, files, or online resources to find past code snippets or solutions. While these methods can be effective, they often consume valuable time and may not be accessible when you’re offline or in remote locations without internet connectivity. CodezBank addresses this need by providing a simple and efficient way to store, organize, and access your code snippets, ensuring that your coding knowledge is readily available whenever you need it.

Points of Interest

CodezBank is not just another code snippet organizer; it’s a medium to advanced MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) project that showcases the advanced usage of libraries provided by Microsoft. Here are some noteworthy points of interest:

1. Storing Data in a Binary Tree

CodezBank employs a binary tree data structure to store your code snippets efficiently. This hierarchical organization allows for easy categorization and retrieval of snippets.

2. SDI Explorer-Like Interface

The application features an SDI (Single Document Interface) explorer-like interface with multiple views in the right pane. This includes a color syntax editor view and a list view, providing diverse ways to interact with your code snippets.

3. Colored Syntax Editor

The color syntax editor enhances code readability by highlighting syntax elements. This feature improves the overall coding experience and helps you quickly identify code structures.

4. Tree Drag and Drop

CodezBank supports drag and drop functionality within the hierarchical tree structure. You can effortlessly rearrange your code snippets, making organization even more intuitive and efficient.

5. Usage of Regular Expressions

The application harnesses the power of regular expressions provided by the vbscript.dll #import. This advanced feature allows for flexible and precise searching within your code snippets.

Version History

Version – April 7, 2008

Version – April 22, 2008

  • Fixed an undo bug in the code editor. Thanks to ndrsoft for pointing out a solution.

Version – June 30, 2008

  • Added more C++/C keywords as suggested by readers.
  • Changed the toolbar to include a 256-color bitmap instead of 16 colors.
  • Introduced a documentation panel in the Source view, allowing for comprehensive explanations and links.
  • Moved the project to GitHub.
  • Upgraded the solution file to Visual Studio 2022.

August 13, 2022

  • Updated the project to include a 64-bit build.
  • Enhanced the main windows to incorporate the latest MFC skin styles.
  • Removed outdated code.

Known Bugs and Future Enhancements

As with any software, CodezBank has its limitations and areas for improvement. Here are some known issues and future enhancements:

  • The syntax editor has limited undo actions. This issue is being investigated for resolution.
  • The syntax editor currently highlights only a subset of C and C++ keywords. Support for VB and C# keywords is planned for future updates.

CodezBank is your reliable companion for organizing and managing code snippets effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned developer with a wealth of coding tricks or someone looking to streamline their coding workflow, this application has something to offer. Embrace the convenience of quick code access, efficient organization, and a user-friendly interface. The world of coding is at your fingertips with CodezBank.